Local Missions

As we seek to serve Jesus, it all begins in our local community. Through our serving opportunities and partnerships, we are seeking to impact those in our community who are often neglected. We have many outreach opportunities just contact the office and we will connect you.

Domestic Missions

We also belive that it is important for us to serve domestically. Each year, we offer domestic trips as we go serve where there is need. We are currently working out the 2019/2020 Domestic trip options.


Bayshore financially invests in the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. This is a fund which supports both domestic and international missions. A portion of these resources are used to operate our Seminary education programs in the United States. These programs are used in the training of future pastors and ministry leaders who will serve in local churches an on the mission field both nationally and internationally.

International Missions

In His Great Commission, Jesus commanded us to "go into all the nations". Our aim is to connect the people of Bayshore's love for God to the nations through His Word and by His Spirit. More information on each individual trip experience can be found by contacting the trip contact in the information below.

Our Life Mission - The Fracker Family

Bayshore both financially and prayerfully supports the John and Rita Fracker in their ministry to the Gypsies people in Romania. John had a burden for the Gypsies when he was leading mission trips to Romania for many other missions organizations. He met Rita while in Romania and they were married soon after. Rita is of the Gypsies people and her desire is to see Jesus shared throughout the world. They have served in other countries as missionaries, but the Lord has drawn them back to Romania. Now the reside in a village amongst the people God has called them to reach. They have two boys and love on many other children. They open their home for many teams from the United States to come and do ten day mission trips. If you desire to participate in a trip click on the link below for further info. https://www.ourlifemission.org

Costa Rica - The Hutton Family

Bayshore both financially and prayerfully supports Quintin and Melanie Hutton in their ministry to the Cabecar Indians in Costa Rica. When Quintin and Melanie first met and got married, they had a desire and burden from God to send them out to be missionaries to a Spanish speaking country. While they waited for the Lord to open a door into a mission work, they worked in ministry at their local Bible believing church doing neighborhood outreach ministries, a juvenile detention center ministry, a homeless ministry, a church plant, discipleship programs, personal evangelism, children's ministry, and Bible studies. They both have a passion for proclaiming the Gospel to lost souls and training disciples to follow Christ. Both of them are equipped with Biblical degrees for the ministry and have a great love for the Word of God.

In 2016, after a survey trip to visit and minister to the Cabecar Indians in Costa Rica, God has called and confirmed to Quintin and Melanie to serve the Cabecar Indians in the mountainous rainforest regions of Costa Rica. Their mission is to carry out the "Great Commission"— Matt. 28:19-20. Their vision for this mission work can be found in the videos below.

Please pray for the souls of the Cabecar Indians. Between 95% and 97% of the Cabecar Indians have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are known as an 'unreached people' and as a 'forgotten people.' These natives do not live in towns or communities, instead, they live in small family clans dispersed throughout the Talamancan mountain range.

For more information on The Hutton Family and their ministry to the Cabecar Indians in Costa Rica,

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For periodic updates on the ministry directly from the Huttons, please CLICK HERE!

International Mission Board

We are excited to support the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Through this ministry, we invest in thousands of missionaries around the world. Our ability to touch the lives of people in other cultures is greatly increased through our partnering together with other churches. We contribute collectively through giving financially to this ministry to reach people with the Good News of Jesus. To find out more about this ministry click on the link below.